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Bose VideoWave II


We are always looking for new favorites in technology, and we bet you are too. In this article we point the spotlight towards Bose's VideoWave II entertainment system for its superior quality and space-saving genius.

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Knoxville Networking


What is more frustrating than unreliable networking devices? Very little. That's why we want to talk to you about the solution. iSS can take your out-of-box networking system and make it impressive or give you a professional system overhaul.

If you own an out of box networking system, we can transform it into a whole house system. By incorporating Pakedge Access Points, we can cover up to 5,000 square feet with wireless internet. This upgrade translates into improved coverage and speed giving you the freedom to use your devices where you want, when you want.

For those of you who want your networking system to go the distance, iSS offers a professional overhaul. First, we swap your standard router for a Pakedge router. What difference does this make? If you think of your standard router as a train station, it would be your average local stop. It can't handle as much. The Pakedge router is Penn Station. It can maintain all the traffic of iPhones, IP cameras, TVs streaming Netflix, etc  with efficiency. No more lost signals. It's a wholy advanced level of management. You stream Netflix material faster, increase reliability for your CCTV system, and IP devices, such as iPad or iPhone. It's a must for work from home professionals. No more losing time and money to crummy network communication.

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Extreme Makeover: Wiring Edition

wires small

Are the wires from your equipment out of control? Have you lost track of what goes to what? Let us show you the difference organized wiring can make both in your equipment’s performance and usability.

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Knoxville Flat Screen TVs


Searching for the perfect flat screen TV? David Katzmaier, Senior Editor at, released his choices for top flat screen TVs of 2012. David writes:

Best picture quality overall
Panasonic TC-PVT50 series

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