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UT Game Day Gear

With kickoff only 9 days away, it's time to start getting all your big orange gear ready for another season. Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of all our favorite stuff to get you game day ready.

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Benefits of Using One Company for Custom Tech Installations

With so many different companies offering security systems, home automation, sound, lighting control, and custom home theaters, it can be a little overwhelming when you begin your search for an installer. You may have found someone to do the audio, but you still need someone to do security cameras. Or maybe you found a company that does media rooms, but you still need to get a fire protection system. You will probably feel like you’re getting pulled in so many directions that you’ll want to abandon your projects altogether. Fortunately, by selecting one company that is licensed and trained to do all of the above home upgrades, you’ll be saving yourself time, money, and lots of headaches for several reasons.

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Now Offering Stewart Projection Screens

iSS is thrilled to now offer Stewart Filmscreen. You may have not heard of Stewart Filmscreen before, but we guarantee you’ve probably seen one. Used widely in Hollywood for movie screenings and at the Sundance Film Festival, Stewart Projection Screens are a crowd favorite. They are also used on set by many leading television networks such as CNN, ABC, and CBS.

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Simplify Your Life With RTI's T2X Universal Controller

Want to simplify your life, but not sure how with a house full of electronic devices and countless remotes lying around? You don't have to get rid of your devices, but instead just take control of them. The RTI T2X remote control allows you to take charge of all your A/V devices, lighting, security, and more with one sleek universal remote control. The T2X remote features a flush edge-to-edge LCD touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Lithium-Ion battery, and its own personal docking station.

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Before & After: Projection Screen Edition

Our latest upgrade project featured a five-year-old manual pull down basic grey HD outdoor screen. It was great when it was first installed in 2008, but its age was really starting to show. The screen housing was rusting and the bottom of the screen was beginning to unravel. With so many advancements in outdoor projection screens, it was time for an upgrade and we had the perfect solution: The Stewart Oasis outdoor screen with Firehawk G3 material.

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Sonos Introduces 5.1 Surround Sound with Software Upgrade

 This week I am so excited about the new software update from Sonos. Just when I thought the Sonos Playbar Soundbar couldn’t get any better, now the update can turn it into a 5.1 surround system by allowing the Connect Amp to drive two rear channels turning the Soundbar into a 5.1 DTS surround sound system. Before, users would be limited to using the Play:3 speakers, but now you can use other options. I used my existing Sonance Invisible Series speakers for the rear channel and it worked out perfectly. I love that this update gives you complete control on rear channel type and placement. Now the options are truly endless. The software update, which released this month, is quick and only takes about two minutes. Other features with the update allow the mute button to function as play, pause, or skip.

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Home Theater Design Tips and Mistakes

Have you recently decided to install the home theater of your dreams? Before you get started, we have some design tips to ensure the final product is exactly what you hoped for.

Work together with installers and the interior designers. Installers want the room to function and sound great. Interior designers may focus more on the design of seats and furniture placement. By working together, everyone will be on the same page and reduce the risk of miscommunication about the design. What may look best to an interior designer may not be optimal for home theater sound to an installer. By working together, both sides can achieve a beautiful and fuctioning home theater.

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Interactive Demo

Ever wondered what automation can do for your home or business? I know I have wondered how a lighting system could change my space or how whole house audio would be perfect for my next get-together. Sometimes it's hard to envision things if you don't really know that much about them and exactly what they can do. That's why we decided to create a way to help you see what your space could be like with automation.

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The Pioneer's Elite SC79 A/V Receiver

This week's featured product is Pioneer’s Elite SC79 A/V receiver. The highpoint of performance and style of this receiver is the simply stunning audio surround sound that makes your movies, games, and music sound as life like as possible. With the best audio processing that is available today, the Elite SC79 receiver will give you an audio experience that will go above and beyond your expectations.

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Universal Remote versus Apps

Have you ever wondered if it would be easier to get rid of all those remote controls that are on the coffee table? I know with me, half the time I cannot figure out which remote goes to what device or if one remote is controlling everything. It is such a cluster sometimes just to turn on the t.v. WITH the sound. Well one dealer, Leon Shaw, sees for himself if he could eliminate all remotes and use only the apps that go with his entertainment system.

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Home Theater

Home automation can take movie watching to an entirely different level by integrating your home automation system and a/v system to create a seamless home theater experience. Whether you have a specific room for the home movie theater or just a great living room with cozy couches, we can bring the grand cinema experience to you!

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Home Entertainment: Screens and Projectors for any room

In our previous blog, we discussed how a home theater is a great addition to any home and can bring the family together. There are so many possibilities you could do with a home theater. So this week we want to discuss some great screens and projectors that can complement different areas within the home and provide amazing home entertainment.

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Home Entertainment: Audio Systems for any room

Last week we blogged about what screen and projectors would look best in certain home entertainment areas. This week we would like to take a look at what audio systems would be best in those home entertainment areas, too.

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Media Rooms

Media rooms and home theaters are an increasingly popular feature within a home. Two major benefits are that they boost a home's entertainment value as well as its potential resale value. A media room is designed to be a multifunctional space, and most media rooms are an upstairs family room or the basement man cave. What is great about a media room is that it is a wonderful way to spend time with your friends and family and yet showcase what your home can do. Between audio, video, and possibly having some home automation in the mix can create a fantastic entertainment area.

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Feel The Power of the Curve!

The Curved Screen surrounds viewers with immersive visuals, drawing you into the action and offering a better sense of depth with greater contrast. It has an Auto depth enhancer & the PURCOLOR setting which expresses more detailed shades of color. Another feature is the UHD Up-Scaling that Up scales any lower resolution content closer to UHD picture quality.  With several size options to choose from ranging 40-78”, It also allows for a greater viewing angle and better side viewing.

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"All about dat bass, bout dat bass!"

Speakers are actually relatively simple devices. You should understand at least the basics of how speakers work before incorporating them. Basically, you have an enclosure (typically a box) into which speaker drivers are attached. The drivers are the round elements that many people call the speakers (they’re not). Speaker drivers look like cones or horns (or even ribbons or domes), and in fact, the large surface area of the drivers is called the cone or diaphragm.These surfaces move back and forth to make the sound. If you have ever pulled the front screen off your speakers or have seen speakers without their front grille on, you’ve seen speaker drivers au naturelle.

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PS4 Vs. Xbox One

November is a special time of the year. It's a time to all gather around with family and friends to give thanks alongside a beautiful meal. This November, however, it's about other things. Other things that have been the buzz for some time now. I've heard it in multiple conversations just in passing. It's usually something like this: "No man, PlayStation 4 blows Xbox One out of the water" or, "Xbox One has Halo AND Dead Rising 3!" Regardless on your stance (which I've encountered is like asking someone if they vote Democrat or Republican) I thought I would bring you the specs from a completely unbiased standpoint and let you decide.

Let's just get down to business from the get-go and talk price. PlayStation 4, which released November 15, comes in at $399.99. Xbox One, which hits shelves November 22, is yours for the price of $499.99. Now some of you may say the PlayStation 4 is a given because of the lower price, but let's dig into the specs before you make an drastic decisions and add it to your Christmas wish list.

As far as processors go, the PlayStation 4 features the 8-core x86-64 AMD "Jaguar" CPU and the Xbox one boasts the 8-core AMD custom Microsoft CPU. While it's hard to say with one is actually "faster" you can definitely bet that graphics will remain pretty neck and neck (and awesome).

Worried about storage on your gaming console? Both are equipped with 8 GB RAM and a 500 GB of hard drive space. If that's not enough, both have options to support USB 3.0 external storage. This is great news for users that want to install all their games directly onto the device without worrying about getting tight on space.

Loved the last model of the controllers on your system? Well both models are rolling out with minor changes. Xbox One controllers feature force feedback in its triggers. This is an added bonus for first-person shooters. The PlayStation 4 unveiled the Dualshock 4 which features a touchpad that adds a new way to control games. It also integrates a headset jack and speaker into the control. A share button allows users to record or stream their games.

If you're looking forward to the camera feature then you'll have to stay tuned for the PlayStation Eye, which won't be included with the PlayStation 4 console. The PlayStation Eye will offer motion control and video chat, but is an added accessory that costs $59.99. The Xbox One Kinect camera comes included with the initial purchase and features a 1080p camera with active infrared. Kinect also allows for upgraded voice control, Skype, and gesture control.

So what about games? To me that seems like a huge deciding factor. The PlayStation 4 selections include Driveclub, Knack, InFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Resogun, Shadow of the Beast, The Order: 1886, and Deep Down. Xbox One boasts Dead Rising 3, Halo 5, Titanfall, Killer Instinct, Quantaum Break, Project Spark, Forza Motorsport 5, Sunset Overdrive, and Ryse: Son of Rome. To PlayStation 4's 16 games at launch, Xbox One is countering with 23.

If you're looking for added media features rest assured both consoles have the ability to play Blu-ray discs, stream Netlix, and a library of movies to rent or buy. Xbox One goes even further, however, by allowing users to have their own program guide that works with existing cable providers. This allows the Xbox One to control your cable box, which means you can then change channels with voice commands or browse Xbox One's recommendations.

Odds are you already had an opinion as to which system reigns supreme, but if not hopefully this article helped you along the way of your decision making process. Not sold on either? Hey, no worries friends. PC gamming is still a great option if neither system appeals to you!

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