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Searching for the perfect flat screen TV? David Katzmaier, Senior Editor at, released his choices for top flat screen TVs of 2012. David writes:

Best picture quality overall
Panasonic TC-PVT50 series

"I don't expect the VT50 to have any competition at the top of this list, unless OLED TVs somehow make it to market. Even then, they'll cost thousands more than this awesome Panasonic plasma. Its black levels are the inkiest from plasma since the Kuro, its color accuracy is top-notch, and, like all plasmas, it benefits from essentially perfect screen uniformity and off-angle fidelity."

Second-best picture quality, best for an LED
Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD series

"The Elite LED-based LCD from Sharp was designed in homage to the vaunted Kuro Elite plasmas from Pioneer, and like the Kuro and the VT50 it earned a "10" in picture quality. As usual, it's all about black levels; the Pro-X5FD's are even deeper than the Kuro's and the VT50's, don't suffer noticeable blooming, and maintain excellent fidelity from off-angle--for an LED. I'd even recommend the 70-inch Elite over the 65-inch VT50 for money-no-object shoppers crave those extra inches."

Third-best picture quality (tie), best value
Panasonic TC-PST50 series

"As we said in the review, the ST50 "sets a lofty standard for HDTV picture quality this year," and if picture quality is your deciding factor yet money is still an object, we haven't reviewed anything better. Its black levels are deeper than those of any 2011 plasma, its color is extremely accurate, and its bright-room image superb. We expect a few other TVs to surpass it on this list later this year, but we don't expect any of them to cost less."

Third-best picture quality (tie)
Panasonic TC-PGT50 series

"The only reason the GT50 sits below the ST50 on this list is because I can't place them next to one another. For all practical purposes their picture quality is identical -- that THX mode doesn't make any difference in this context. Both are a hair better than the Samsung PNE6500 by virtue of superior light output, but all three are very close."

For more of David's picks, read his entire article here.

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