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Knoxville Whole House and Outdoor Audio


If your audio system does not extend outdoors, then you are missing out. Outdoor audio gives you a reason to utilize your oudoor space more often. It beats having to carry an iPod doc and speaker outside. Plus, it adds an additional level of entertainment to a cookout or pool party.

Taste the 4k TV Experience


4k TV is the future of television. We're here to explain what it is and why it will replace your HD TV one day.

First, what does 4k mean?  PC Mag says that 4k, "Refers to approximately 4,000 pixels of horizontal and 2,000 pixels of vertical resolution used in several digital formats for shooting high-quality video and scanning 35 mm frames. The 4K refers to horizontal resolution in contrast to standard digital TV resolutions, which are stated in vertical lines. "

So, how does that technology compare to the norm? Christina Bonnington of writes,  "Previously the stuff of high-end projector, [now makes] inroads into televisions of late." She also cites YouTube videos to give you a taste of the 4k experience.

If the resolution wow factor isn't enough to turn your head, then note that Sony's 4k boasts  "virtual" 5.1 surround sound on a detachable 10-speaker system. Built-in wifi supports your every Pandora and Netflix whim. Oh, and 3-D is included on the 85" screen.

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Expo Recap: CEDIA 2012


We just spent 3 days in Indianapolis at the 2012 CEDIA Expo. At this, one of the largest electronics expos in the country, we feasted our eyes on the most exciting technologies to date that 400,000 square feet could contain.

Now, we report back with ISS'S FAVORITE 0.001 PART OF THE EXPO (or our top 4 picks)!

Really, you should be excited too.

1. Sony's 4k television. Ever look out a window and wish your TV's picture was that clear? How about clearer? Well, just so you know an image that pristine would be the result of 3,840x2,160 pixels, and it exists! As cheesy as it sounds, when we saw the 4k TV, our jaws dropped like we had unexpectedly run into the Grand Canyon. This technology is a sight to behold. The 4k will set you back 25k, but it is almost hard to believe they can put a price on something so majestic.

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Knoxville Whole House Audio


A sound system in just one room is not doing you any favors. Knoxville, whole house audio is the way to go. Having a system the entire family will enjoy is easier than ever to possess and control.