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Bose VideoWave II


We are always looking for new favorites in technology, and we bet you are too. In this article we point the spotlight towards Bose's VideoWave II entertainment system for its superior quality and space-saving genius.

A little about the VideoWaveII from Bose:

"The VideoWave® II entertainment system is the only HDTV with a complete Bose® home theater and music system built inside. Movies grab hold of you with awe-inspiring sound and exhilarating effects. Music takes on a newfound spaciousness that will also delight you. Exclusive Bose technologies make it all happen with no speakers, subwoofer or wires in sight. If you’re looking for a new HDTV, you simply have to hear the VideoWave II system."

We saw it on display recently and it left us impressed. No more ugly boxes and wires. The sleek design saves your mantle space. The design perks alone should bring some family members to a compromise. Additionally, we liked the surround sound and picture quality on the screen. This is definitely a system of the future.

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