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Lutron Cordless Cellular Shades


Imagine it's a beautiful sunny afternoon. Rays of light are beaming into your home and a bit into your eyes. You approach a window to lower the blinds just a little, to remove the glare. However, your seemingly easy plan is foiled by an uncooperative cord. You struggle and tug  the string left and right, but the shades won't drop. When they do, one side falls while the other remains to mock your efforts. It's the age old tale of the battle of the blinds. Good news is you no longer have to be taunted by an inadament object.

Lutron's Cellular Shades are your solutions. Say goodbye to sloppy, cord controlled shades and blinds, and hello to sleek, remote controlled replacements. These shades are great for entertainment rooms, nurseries, and for hard to reach windows. With the touch of a button, you can draw the blinds all at once from your phone or a remote. It's never been easier to get the lighting control you need instantly.

Cellular shades come with 3 year batteries for your convenience. The shades themselves are available in a variety of colors and textures to complete any room's look. Additionally, there are three options for opacities: translucent, filtered, and room darkening. The more opaque, the more insulation the shades provide.

To learn more about Lutron's Cellular Shades, give us a call. See the difference they can make in your home.

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Home Entertainment Rooms: Your Play Station


Do you enjoy PS3 and/or Xbox games? Want to know how to make an ordinary space into a gamer's getaway? All it takes are a few flat screens and iSS's eye for design to transform your room into a play station.

First, we recommend utilizing more than one TV. This way more than one person can play either the same system or two different systems at a time. In the frame of "Go big or go home," we also suggest having a TV or two for sporting events and your favorite show. Sit back and think on that for a moment. Ah, paradise is coming into fruition.

Second, iSS suggests installing a sweet lighting system. Atmospheric lighting not only looks awesome, it is useful too. From your smart phone or remote, dim lights, change lighting color scenes, or select pre-set options for cinema or parties. The optimal lighting will intensify your gaming and viewing experiences.

Next, we implore you to consider a top-notch sound system if you want your gaming experience to come to life. Surround sound will envelope you in the action and hone your focus. When you aren't gaming, the system will come in handy with movies and parties.

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Introducing Trufig


The day that outlets become something to get excited about is the day that pigs fly. Well, look how graceful swine glide. Trufig power outlets are game changers. They are perfectly flush to the wall, can be painted, wallpapered, faux finished, even laminated. They keep the ugly out of your well designed room.

Trufig even gives air vents a pulse. Check out posh options here.

These products are best for new construction and renovations since they are fastened inside the wall.  They are a must for modern rooms. Some might even call Trufig a true friend to discerning tastes.

Ask us about them for your design project.

Ionization vs. Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

It's scary news that could say your life. NBC's Jeff Rossen reports that the most common type of smoke detector, the one that uses ionization technology, may not alarm your family of impending doom quickly enough. Some detectors using ionization technology are built for quick burning fires, but the technology is less effective in smoldering blazes. This can leave you and your loved ones susceptible to deadly smoke inhalation. Learn more with this very important report.