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Set Sail & Vacation with Intelligence!

 Home automation has become all the rage these days and if you have experienced it yourself then you will most likely agree that is has become a convenience you just don't want to live without! Well great news! Now when you vacation or even when you take the boat out, you don't have to be without the automation luxuries you have grown so accustomed to!

Automate Mom's Life


Mother's Day is Upon us!

Mom's are the best..Shouldn't they get the Best Gifts?

It's time you Raise the Bar!


If you are tired of being part of the 72%+ of wireless phone users having trouble maintaining cell phone signal strength inside your home, vehicle, outdoors, or at the office, then you need a cellular phone signal booster! In order to improve the wireless service, the cell phone signal needs to be amplified. We work with several great vendors such as SureCall & weBoost that have top of the line products for that will solve your bad reception issues for good! No more Ninja dances, hanging out of the window or foil head wear to try and get more bars! 



When you’re at home or in the office, your cell phone signal should just work. But building materials, obstruction from trees or buildings, and even geography can block your cell service. Our cell phone boosters for home and office make sure you never have to go hunting for a signal again. Being unable to take phone calls or use your mobile devices in your home or office can be incredibly frustrating and even interfere with your production at work. End the frustration by bypassing the elements that can block cell service with a cell phone booster for home and office. Get the coverage you need to make the connections necessary for your home and work life.

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Benefits of Smart home Security

 Why You Need it & What You Can Do With It:

What lies behind the desire for home automation is often a complex question.  Some may want their home to showcase exceptional technology or to entertain guests, while others may want a powerful experience that helps to ease the actions of their everyday lives.  But almost universally, users of home automation systems want one thing: to feel safe and secure in their homes and businesses.