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Control4 Centralized Lighting


Perfect for those building a new home or undertaking a remodel. Centralized lighting allows you to move your lighting controls elsewhere, like a closet, allowing you to replace banks of switches with stylish and elegant keypads! Button customization enables one-touch control of lighting, entertainment, security, climate and more! 

Self Monitoring vs Professional Monitoring


So you’re thinking about getting a home alarm system? You’ve looked at a few options and are wondering to yourself what kind should you get? One that comes with professional monitoring or a self-monitored system, where only you and a select contact list are notified if an alarm is triggered? SO MANY QUESTIONS AND OPTIONS! How can you make a smart decision?

We are here to help! Comparison:

When a professionally monitored home security system is tripped a signal is sent to the monitoring station who can then assess the situation and contact the appropriate authorities if necessary. A self-monitored system only notifies the homeowner or a specific contact list through a text, email or automated phone call.

If the homeowner is busy or doesn’t have their phone on them, then they can’t deal with whatever situation is occurring. Plus, if they are far from their home, they may know that the alarm was tripped but can’t get any information beyond that. Self-monitored systems rely solely on the homeowner to resolve the situation, which may not always be possible.

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Control vs Automation

 When people talk about home automation most are really talking about control. What’s the difference between the two? The difference is simple really! Automation will do a multitude of things for you automatically without you having to tell it to do so. Control on the other hand can also do a number of things but you have to tell it what to do and more importantly, when to do it. Control and automation are both important and when used appropriately can make your electronic life at home MUCH easier.

Are you ready to Rack & Roll?

 There are many reasons that people use rack enclosures now a days to help tidy up their automated world. While TVs continue to get thinner and more beautiful and soundbars are making surround sound more discreet, the components we connect to them, such as our Blu-ray players, cable boxes, game consoles etc...have largely remained dull black or silver boxes. And there are still all those ugly wires to manage! So now we have these neat and tidy solutions to all these issues, and putting them on display can have lots of great advantages as well!