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Are you ready to Rack & Roll?

 There are many reasons that people use rack enclosures now a days to help tidy up their automated world. While TVs continue to get thinner and more beautiful and soundbars are making surround sound more discreet, the components we connect to them, such as our Blu-ray players, cable boxes, game consoles etc...have largely remained dull black or silver boxes. And there are still all those ugly wires to manage! So now we have these neat and tidy solutions to all these issues, and putting them on display can have lots of great advantages as well!


Did you know that racks can also be an important part of a home theater set-up? So You just spent a lot of money on your new home theater system, but now you’re looking at a lot of “black boxes” and wondering where to put them all. Residential designer racks, sliding home theater cabinets and shelves, and cabinet frame inserts can all house your home theater components without detracting from your decor, and many can even be retrofitted to your existing furniture. 

Maybe you want to show off the components as part of the high-tech style of your new home theatre, essentially making your components and the rack part of your home’s furniture. 

Maybe you have young kids obsessed with pushing buttons. (What kids aren’t, after all?) Then you’ll want your components neatly tucked out of sight in a closet, or at least behind a cabinet with a safe Lexan door. That’s okay, too! However having an open concept show piece design tends to have more benefits.


Now a days with the growing technology demand, restaurants and bars are another prime place to find examples of rack enclosures. It is also another perfect example of using your rack set up as a show piece. Some restaurants and bars chose to hide there electronics racks  in a back room or closet while other choose to set up an eleborate and beautiful display for customers to enjoy!

Displaying your electronic rack can have several great benefits! When you have several consoles running all at once things can heat up very quickly and cause many issues. Having your rack system out in the open lets it breath and helps manage the heating issues. This option will also prolong the life span and function of your equipment.  


Don't deal with the stress or the mess! CALL US TODAY! Let us set up your Rack Star showpiece!

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