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Control vs Automation

 When people talk about home automation most are really talking about control. What’s the difference between the two? The difference is simple really! Automation will do a multitude of things for you automatically without you having to tell it to do so. Control on the other hand can also do a number of things but you have to tell it what to do and more importantly, when to do it. Control and automation are both important and when used appropriately can make your electronic life at home MUCH easier.

Here are some scenarios to help you understand:

Say you want to show your guests the BREATHTAKING sunset view from your living room window.

Scenario 1: (Control) You take out your phone, swipe through the screen of apps, launch the right one, wait… press a button, and the shades rise to the sunset beauty that will requisite compliments.

Scenario 2: (Automation) The shades are already open because your automation system knows you like sunsets!

This in essence is the difference between control and automation. “Control is a party trick. Automation is a lifestyle enhancer!”

Routine: 5:30am: alarm clock goes off, you get out of bed, shuffle to the bathroom, turn on the light, wash your face etc. 5:40am turn on the bedroom/bathroom radio & Take a shower. 6:00am, turn on the kitchen light & open the blinds, go to the bedroom to start getting dressed…

Using automation you can have all of your lighting routines, comfort routines and entertainment routines happen at the same time. Example:

5:20 bedroom & bathroom lights slowly dim up to 10%, 5:30 your whole house audio system plays an alarm to wake you up. 5:32 your whole house audio system begins to play your favorite radio station or cd in the bedroom & tells the projection screen to come down in front of the TV. 5:40 it turns on the audio in the bathroom & While you are in the bathroom the lights slowly increase in brightness from 10% to whatever your preferred brightness is so by the time you are out of the shower and ready to shave or put on your makeup the bathroom is as bright as you need it to be. You didn’t have to lift a finger!


What to automate and what to control?

Anything that doesn’t require your direct manipulation in order to achieve the desired result should be automated. The easiest things to automate are related to your environment and or your routine. Lighting, heating and air conditioning, background entertainment. Most of us perform streaks of some type every day. We wake up at the same time, we turn on the same lights, turn on the TV and or stereo, go to the bathroom, wash our face, brush our teeth etc. Where automation comes in to play is having all of those streak components done for you so you can focus on the manual things such as personal grooming.

As you can see, there are similarities between automation and control. Many times they overlap and are both great conveniences. The great thing is most automation platforms are great control platforms. Most control platforms are not automation platforms so be careful.


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