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Why DIY Home Security is not Home Security at all

We have all heard the term DIY. Many DIY projects can be fun, creative, and a good way to show off a new hobby. Then you have those other DIY projects that are major fails! Trust me, I have had those a time or two. One DIY project that I have never understood why anyone would attempt to do is Home Security.

I know there are quite a few products and services that say they can provide you simple and easy solutions to home security. Unfortunately, those products and services only provide you home monitoring and not security at all. These products are either plugged in to an outlet or battery-powered and can be easily moved or knocked around. They are Wi-Fi enabled; meaning if the power is out at your home the home monitoring system will not work.

Another problem is the fact that you are the only one to receive alerts. What if you cannot respond to the alerts that are being sent to you, what happens? If someone is truly breaking into your home, the authorities are not alerted. Just you.

Also some products are indoor use only, which means if vandalism occurs outside of your home you will not know who or what did it. To have full security of your home you need the interior and exterior of your home covered. These products down play the value of true security and protection of your home or business.

DIY does mean do it yourself, but do you really want to be figuring out how to set up a whole security system on your own? If you want it done right for the protection of you and your family, do you have the right tools at hand? It doesn't take a brain surgeon to put in a security system, but it does take some knowledge and understanding of the security industry.

Don’t go through the hassle of this DIY project. Let us take care of your needs so you do not have to worry about anything. We will help you in protecting not just your home, but you and your family. We can give you real home security and peace of mind, and we are just a call away!

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