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Football Time in Tennessee!

VOLS first game of the season is just a few days away, and I am sure quite a few of y’all are already getting everything ready to throw a great tailgating party. So we want to help you in making the first kick-off of this season one to remember, and we have an awesome list of techy gadgets to make that happen.

The game is definitely number one when it comes to tailgating. The Hitch-N-View and the TailGater go hand in hand to create a great tailgating atmosphere. The Hitch-N-View is a TV stand that mounts onto your trailer hitch; and the TailGater is a portable antenna and receiver from DISH Network that can go anywhere. Not only watch one game, but catch up on all the games going on that day! Don’t be surprised if your tailgating set-up becomes the most popular one.

Now the Hitch-N-View and Tailgater is great and all, but you may just want to listen to the game or blast some tunes for your party. The best outdoor portable speaker would be the Melody by Soundcast. It is a one of their smaller speakers and can stream via Bluetooth. The Melody has a weather resistant design, and can produce an incredible 360 degree sound wherever it is sitting.

Lastly, good food and thirst quenching beverages also goes into creating a great atmosphere for your tailgating party. A couple cool gadgets that caught our eye for helping you maintain the goods are the iGrill and RC Cooler.

The iGrill is a blue-tooth enabled thermometer that pairs with your Apple or Android device allowing you to walk up to 200ft from the grill. So you can mingle and enjoy the banter of everything without worrying if the meat is getting burnt. The RC Cooler is a remote controlled cooler that keeps up to 12 beverages cold and always within reach for everyone. So no more walking over constantly to the community cooler, have the cooler come to you!

A great tailgating party would not be a party without some amazing friends and family. Ask them to bring a chair, a potluck dish, and get their game day face on! Oh, don’t forget the cornhole boards. It is always nice to have some activities to do when tailgating. Hope these gadgets help in creating a great football season for you. As always if you ever need any help or suggestions we are just a call away.  GO VOLS!!!

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