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Summer Fun Activities

Summer is finally here and at iSS we would like to take a moment to give you a few ideas for some good summer fun activities.

A few fun activities around here in East Tennessee would be:

  • Go on a picnic in the park: World’s Fair Park is a great place.
  • Play miniature golf: Putt Putt anyone?
  • Go to the local farmers market: Saturday’s Market Square has it all.
  • Have some family and friends over for a good Southern BBQ: Mother Earth’s market “Has the Beef”
  • Read a book and nap in a hammock: What a fantastic way to just relax…
  • Go fishing: Ft. Loudon Lake is a nice place.


Some other fun activities to do while you are going on vacation would be:

  • Swim in the ocean: Watch out for those fish.
  • Get some ice cream on the boardwalk: What flavor will you choose?
  • Build a sandcastle: Don’t forget the moat or the ocean will wash it away! 
  • Watch the sun set from the beach: Such a pretty sight to see…
  • Collect sea shells: make a game and see how many sand dollars you can find.


Lastly, whether staying at home or going on vacation this summer, here at some ideas to do during the evening hours when it is not too terribly hot!

  • Catch fireflies: I remember always putting them in a mason jar for my own live night light.
  • Have a bonfire and make s’mores: YUM!
  • Go camping in the backyard: Anyone up for some scary stories? 
  • Stargaze while lying on a blanket in the grass: Can you spot the little dipper?
  • Family movie night in the backyard: With homemade box cars and the outdoor projection screen to make your own drive-in theater.

 Hope these ideas give you and your family some fun memories to share. Have a great summer from all of us at iSS.

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