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Practical Uses for Home Automation

Have you ever thought that your own kitchen could alert you if the refrigerator door was left open? Or have your motorized shades or blinds be automated with the seasons? Have movie ambience with one push of a button? There are so many possibilities that home automation systems can do for you, which have not been fully recognized until now!

Imagine for a moment- you’re in your home preparing that delicious meal for the family when gradually your kitchen lights starts to flash. Then they start flashing a little more. Why? Well lighting control and energy management devices can allow you to set a timer and coordinate it with your kitchen lights if ever that refrigerator door has been left open. You will never have to worry about spoiled milk again!

Another cool gadget is a device that can alert you if someone opened the medicine cabinet. I know little hands can be so curious! It doesn’t matter how out of reach or out of sight, children and teens always seem to find things. Now you can receive text messages anytime the door is opened!

 What is cooler than an automated home? An automated home that does not rack up the utility bills to operate it! Many automation system options give you additional features for security, lighting control, and energy management.

For example, you can easily ward off potential dangers by setting an outside speaker to imitate a barking dog and  turn on lights. You can sleep peacefully knowing that you have an added level of protection before an actual break in. These are just some ideas for getting maximum peace of mind from your security system.

Also, additional energy management feature is moisture sensors that knows when it has rained or not, therefore, the system intelligently knows when to water and when not to. That beautiful garden and lawn of yours will always be looking great.

Finally, you may not realize that your home can let you know how it is doing. What if the air conditioning unit decided to break down while taking a hike or vacationing on a sunny beach? If the temperature hits a certain level the system will alert you. These are possibilities that any true automation system make a reality that are often over looked, not by iSS though.

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