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Back to School Safety Tips and Gadgets

It’s that time of the year again and the kids are heading back to school. It may mean restored peace and quiet for you at home, but also nervous jitters about sending your little ones off alone. With tons of new advancements in home surveillance technology and even GPS systems that track your children on the go, there are many options for protecting your young ones when they go back to school.


GPS tracking devices are a great option for monitoring the whereabouts of your kids. The Amber Alert GPS is loaded with safety features that help ease your mind. This small device comes with a panic button that will automatically alert you if your child needs help. It can also alert you if your child goes outside a preset safety zone, or comes within 500 feet of a registered sex offender's home.

Video Monitor

Home video surveillance is also a great option for checking in and making sure your kids arrive home safely while your away. offers interative video surveillance that allows you check in whenever you want right from your smartphone or recieve video updates via text or email.

Are your kids heading off to college this month? Here are some tips for them:

Panic Phones

Most campuses have some kind of "panic phone" system. At the University of Tennessee they are called Emergency Blue Phones and you can see where they are located here.

Stick Together

It's always the best option to go places in pairs or groups. Never go anywhere alone at night or take shortcuts through alleys and side streets. Also avoid late night trips to the ATM.

Defend Yourself

It's never a bad idea to take a self-defense class and some campuses and communities even offer them for free. Make it a date with friends or family members and go educate yourself.


Keep in touch with friends and family on a regular basis. It never hurts for loved ones to know your wherabouts or daily schedule. However, avoid checking-in on social media sites. You never know who may see it and be trying to track you down.


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