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Back to School Safety Tips and Gadgets

It’s that time of the year again and the kids are heading back to school. It may mean restored peace and quiet for you at home, but also nervous jitters about sending your little ones off alone. With tons of new advancements in home surveillance technology and even GPS systems that track your children on the go, there are many options for protecting your young ones when they go back to school.

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Back to School: Techy Gadgets for all Ages!

 It’s that time! School is in session once again, and we have picked our favorite gadgets for students this year. From grade school to college, we have got students covered with the latest products to help them with their studies.


The Nitro Notebook is an awesome way for your child to get busy learning. The notebook has 80 jam packed activities that teach English, Spanish, Math, Reading, Language Skills, Social Studies, Music and much more.

They will even get a whole set of cool utilities. With additional cartridges, cool graphics, and a hightech keyboard and mouse, they will be ready to take the learning world by storm.

Middle School:

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