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Video Walls

A lot of businesses these days are beginning to discover the many uses of digital display technology. A video wall is a great way to get a particular message across - whether for advertising, selling or information display – chances are you want a solution that does a lot of the foot work for you. These high impact displays can certainly pack a visual punch, but equally, they serve as an effective business tool, and can strengthen a range of operations within your business.

Some key benefits that a video wall could bring to your organization are:

  • Effective communications- Integrated with digital signage software, a video wall can display real-time data from any data source to create targeted, engaging messages. Turning video walls into effective communication in reception areas, conference rooms and public spaces.
  • Streamlined operations- Video walls can automate many customer service operations, with the capability to display any manner of information- from arrival/departure times in transport applications, to advertising goods and services in retail environments. Simply connect to your internal systems and let the technology do the rest.
  • Situation Management- Video walls can unify feeds from multiple sources to allow security personnel to capture potential security breaches quickly and efficiently. A video wall can also raise situational awareness, and ensures that everyone is aware of what is happening and how to react.
  • Interactivity- Many video walls can easily be transformed into a multi-touch surface to deliver a unique interactive experience. Let your staff, customers and visitors engage with information like never before. They can stop and actively engage with the information source and find out exactly what they need to know. This presents a wide range of possibilities for creating customer communication solutions that are highly effective and diverse, allowing you to tailor the technology directly to the needs of your business.
  • Entertaining and Captivating- Not only does the interactive nature help to hold attention, but the streaming video or other digital effects of these types of displays can grab the eye of even the most distracted passerby. Video walls engage people, and they are often used solely for their entertainment value to brighten up the atmosphere of an otherwise dull area and keep people interested.

Perhaps you have been thinking of some ways you could bring a new atmosphere to your business using digital display technology, but are still on the fence. Let us make your decision making easier, and help you with offering better life solutions. We can provide you with the tools you need to get your message across.

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