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Simplify Your Life With RTI's T2X Universal Controller

Want to simplify your life, but not sure how with a house full of electronic devices and countless remotes lying around? You don't have to get rid of your devices, but instead just take control of them. The RTI T2X remote control allows you to take charge of all your A/V devices, lighting, security, and more with one sleek universal remote control. The T2X remote features a flush edge-to-edge LCD touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Lithium-Ion battery, and its own personal docking station.

Users can also enjoy advanced features such as grip sensors that keep the remote active while it is being held and ZigBee for bidirectional communication with supported third-party electronics. The T2X also includes an accelerometer for instant-on control.

It is time to say goodbye to drawers full of remotes. iSS and the RTI T2X are here to simplify your life, but without sacrificing the technology you love. Contact us today to find out more about the T2X and how we can make controlling your electronic devices a true pleasure.



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