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Universal Remote versus Apps

Have you ever wondered if it would be easier to get rid of all those remote controls that are on the coffee table? I know with me, half the time I cannot figure out which remote goes to what device or if one remote is controlling everything. It is such a cluster sometimes just to turn on the t.v. WITH the sound. Well one dealer, Leon Shaw, sees for himself if he could eliminate all remotes and use only the apps that go with his entertainment system.

Leon Shaw is founder and chairman of Audio Advice, a company similar to what iSS does. He decided to test this experiment after understanding that quite a few customers were pushing back on getting a remote for their home theater. Many of them wanted to use their Apple devices and apps to control everything. What Leon Shaw learned in the end is that having multiple apps on one device was just about as frustrating as have a cluster of remotes.

If you are like us and want to get rid of the hassle of having multiple apps or multiple remotes, let me tell you about Control4. By pairing an SR-250 with HC-250 or HC-800 you are truly getting an all in one universal remote. You seamlessly interact with your entire Control4 system. You can control your movies, music, shades, lights, and more. With wireless connectivity, the Control4 can be used anywhere in your home, so no more pointing the remote at just the T.V. It has a high-visibility screen with backlit keys for easy use and it gives you a vast amount of control that fits just in the palm of your hand. 

Some of you may not have a Control4 system and that is just fine! If you need help in figuring out a perfect universal remote for your entertainment needs, please give us a call. Furthermore, if you would like to read more about Leon Shaw’s experiment, please check out this article in CEPro. Within the article it also gives a link to view his entire blog on the matter.

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