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New Product Alert: The Sonos Playbar

 Hey Knoxville, want the best in home audio? Then get excited about Sonos's upcoming release of the Playbar - an exclusive soundbar system. The Playbar is a stand out product that is both pleasing to the ears and eyes and a pleasure to use. Many of you may already be Sonos fans. For those of you whom are new to the brand let us explain what makes Sonos products fan favorites. First, simply put, they are stylish. They have a hip look and their products sound great. They have an Apple-esque allure. Second, Sonos can stream music from nearly every source under the sun. Imagine having Pandora, Spotify, Amazon cloud, Rhapsody, and your personal music collection at your beckon call. Pretty great, right? Now imagine incorporating that technology with a product that enhances movies with surround sound-like technology in a slick, stylish product. You have imagined the Playbar.

We at iSS love Sonos products. They are what we use to enliven the workday. So naturally, we anticipate great things for the Playbar. For those of you less attached to the Sonos brand, we have done the research for you. Borrowed predominately from this CNET article, here's the highlights:

-Dead simple connectivity, with the back panel sporting just a duo of Ethernet jacks (one can be used as a wireless bridge) and a single optical audio input. That may seem overly limiting, but you should be able to connect most of your home theater devices if you use your TV as a switcher.

-Great aesthetic.

-Easy operation.

-Horizontal and vertical mounting options.

-Fantastic sound quality, fidelity, and bass.

 -Competitive surround sound when used in conjunction with the Sonos subwoofer and speakers, and less expensive than Bose, Polk, or other high quality systems.


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