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Leave Camera Installs to the Pros

DIY projects are everywhere these days. Maybe you're even planning your own project this weekend. There is nothing wrong with repainting the kitchen or starting that vegetable garden you've always dreamed of. Go get 'em weekend warriors!

Some projects, however, should be left to the professionals...

More and more commonly we get calls from frustrated do-it-yourselfers that picked up security cameras from their local Walmart or ordered them online. These "easy-install" cameras can quickly become a huge nightmare to unsuspecting people trying to save some cash. I mean they seem easy enough, right? Well these security camera kits aren't as great as they sound. Sure they may have a lower price tag, but can also come with a whole mess of problems and poor quality. When it comes to security camera installation, it's best to leave it to the pros and here's why:

  • Time is something we don't have much of these days. Between work, kids and everything in between finding time to install a camera system can be challenging in itself. It can become even more challenging when things don't go according to planned and the camera system you thought you could just plug in and turn on isn't working properly. When hiring a professional seems like a waste of money to you, think about how much your time is worth. Would you rather hire a professional installer for one hour or spend hours and even days trying to do an install yourself? One of our recent clients in Knoxville, Tennessee spent days and days trying to install cameras they ordered online. Eventually they caved and gave us a call. You have to consider what your time is worth before getting yourself into a messy DIY security camera install.

  • Quality is SO important in surveillance cameras. What's the point in even having a camera if the picture is so poor that you can't even tell if the shadowy figure in your driveway is a Sasquatch or the guy thats about to break in your car? I notice on the news all the time the video footage of suspects robbing banks or gas stations. Most of the time the quality is so poor that you can barely tell if the suspect is even a man or a woman. When it comes to video surveillance at your home or business, it's not something you want to skimp on. If these cameras you can buy from Walmart are so great, then why don't they use them in their stores?
  • Longevity is something you'll definitely want in a security camera. Sure you may find a camera for under 100 dollars, but it may also only last you a year or two and replacing it every couple of years will outweigh the costs of buying a quality camera from the start. High quality cameras can run for over 10 years with little to no maintenance. That's time and money you could spend elsewhere!

Before you start your DIY camera install, we would love to talk to you. Let us give you a free estimate and the opportunity to take a huge project that can cause you unnecessary stress, time, and money off your hands.

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