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Before & After: Projection Screen Edition

Our latest upgrade project featured a five-year-old manual pull down basic grey HD outdoor screen. It was great when it was first installed in 2008, but its age was really starting to show. The screen housing was rusting and the bottom of the screen was beginning to unravel. With so many advancements in outdoor projection screens, it was time for an upgrade and we had the perfect solution: The Stewart Oasis outdoor screen with Firehawk G3 material.

 The new screen fixed several concerns:

  • The wear and tear which made the old screen hard to use due to the unraveling bottom bar and rusted screen housing.
  • With new screen material advancements, the Firehawk G3 enhances projector performance by canceling off axis ambient light, while enhancing the projected image to the viewer sitting in front of the screen.

  • Our client was tired of manually pulling down the screen. The Stewart Oasis is an outdoor motorized screen that allows for wireless control. Now our client can easily raise or lower the screen with their RTI universal system.


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