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25% off Headphones

 Spring has finally sprung!  No more day dreaming about time in the garden and wishing your daily run did not need ear muffs.  Nope, Old Man Winter has finally decided to hang it up until next year!  

For many, spring cleaning is a prelude to good times with family and friends, but work none the less.  Finals are fast approaching with way too many warm weather distractions.  Your grand plan for the yard is proving to be an odyssey in self imposed indentured servitude.

May I make a suggestions?  Why not break the monotony of gearing up for spring and leverage all the music stored on your smart phone with a toy that can really make the time fly by.  What is this magical apparatus I speak of?  It is the most basic item, yet the most important, quality headphones.

I see far too many people walking around listening to their music with sub-par run of the mill headphones.  Isn't it time to start experiencing, not just listening, to your mobile music library?  Toss aside the ear buds that come bundled underneath your iPhone, and upgrade them to a quality set of headphones.

Denon is our manufacturer of choice.  They offer many different models of headphones to match the the needs of every music lover ranging from ear-buds, on ear headphones and over ear headphones.  They even have a line dedicated to highly active music lovers.  Pair all of this with Denon's mobile app and you have just enhanced your mobile music experience far beyond the cookie cutter ear-buds that come with your mobile device.

Now comes the part that everyone loves, the show me the money part.  We love these headphones some much we want to do whatever we can to get them in your hands.  That is why we are offering every model at a 25% discount.  This offer is good until April 30th.  Drop us a line and we will give you the scoop on all the Denon headphones. Or just get a hold of us the old fashioned way, 865-690-0154.

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