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Move Over 4K... 8K is on It's Way!

Forget 4K, 8K TV is the window into the future we’ve been waiting for!

The market has been flooded in recent years with higher resolution TVs that promise more detail and better picture quality. For television buyers, there’s only one letter that will truly matter in the future and that’s the letter K. Consumers who have shopped for TVs lately have undoubtedly been asked what version of high definition they’re after. The vast majority of televisions today come with a 1080p resolution. Recently, however, an increasing number of televisions have hit store shelves that deliver 4K resolution. 

While most consumers are still just barely getting used to the idea of a 4K HDTV, companies at CES are looking to the future already. In fact, both Samsung and LG were excited to show off crazy high-res 8K TV’s at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

Last year we saw 110-inch 4K HDTV’s with 3D, smaller TV’s with curved screens and more, but this year Samsung and LG are taking things to an entirely new level. They showcased 98-inch curved and bezel free 8K HD TV’s.Teasing what they claim are the future of TV, and will be the future for the next 10 years! Samsung calls it an SUHD display, and they’re simply stunning to look at.

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