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Benefits of Commercial Access Control

 4 Benefits of Commerical Access Control:

You may think access controls in commercial buildings are just for high-tech research labs or top-secret facilities. But that’s not the case. Access control systems help business owners and managers regulate the comings and goings of both employees and visitors and can be used as safety and security measures. Some employers are even integrating electronic access control as part of their time and attendance systems.

(1) Automate every event. Swiping a card automatically opens a door for an employee, but access control systems can also signal the building automation system to change lighting conditions, or focus a CCTV camera.

(2) Allow temporary access. When your business employs temporary workers or contractors, or has a high volume of daily visitors, it can be difficult to monitor access. But with access control systems, it’s easy to allow access for a day or even an hour.

(3) Reduce costs and decrease liability. With traditional keyed locks, you incur costs each time a new employee comes on board. And it can be difficult to offer different levels of access to different people. Access control gives the building manager the ability to quickly upgrade or downgrade access, reducing concerns about the wrong person accessing sensitive parts of the building.

(4) Access Control Protects Employees. Protecting employees from unwanted intrusions is a relief to employer and employee. If an employee works late this system can be an amazing instrument of relief and comfort. Safety is of paramount importance for the stability of your business. 

You’ve got more important things to worry about each day. With access control, regulating the entry of workers and visitors isn’t one of them.

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