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Benefits of Annual Home Alarm and Smoke Detector Inspections

Just as you regularly maintain your yard or service your car, it is also important to maintain your alarm and smoke detection systems. A simple annual inspection could allow a technician to troubleshoot problems early on and potentially save your family’s life or valuables. When a service technician comes to your home, the following routine maintenance tasks will be performed: 


  • Smoke detectors will be tested to ensure they are working properly. Any old batteries will be replaced and recycled.

  • Smoke detectors will be cleaned of any dust or debris that may be obstructing sensors.

  • The alarm system battery will be tested. An alarm will not function long on low batteries if the power was to go out.

  • Motion and glass break detection will be checked throughout home.

  • Sensors on windows and doors will be tested for proper functioning. This is especially important on windows that may not be opened frequently.

  • Wireless transmitters sending signals to doors and windows will be examined.

  • The technician will make sure all your contact information is up-to-date.

Don’t let a simple check-up cost you and your family. Make upkeep on your system a priority and call to schedule an annual inspection today. 

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