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Shark Week Gear

Shark Week has begun and we want to make sure you have the best gear to maximize your shark-viewing experience. Let's start with the basics and get you going with a sweet TV.

The Sharp 1080p 240Hz 3D LED Smart TV (LC70LE857U) provides 70 inches of crystal clear viewing with enhanced features such as Quattron color technology and Aquomotion 960 reduces blur by quadrupling the refresh rate during those action-packed scenes.
What's a great TV without a great sound system? The Sonos Playbar and Sub make the perfect choice for your sound upgrade. This easy to set up system provides high fidelity sound without sacrificing style. Control your new playbar with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

So you've got the perfect TV and sound system for Shark Week, but you're going to need some snacks. May we suggest a watermelon shark fruit salad?

Now you are well on your way to throwing the perfect Shark Week party, but you're going to need something to wear. Don't worry, we've got you covered...

Happy Shark Week!


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Smart Door Locks

Security and peace of mind are usually what tops the list for homeowners looking to invest in a home security system. Smart door locks are one of the most beneficial aspects of security and even home automation. With just one touch you can lock and unlock your doors from anywhere, have a ‘goodnight’ button, and let the right guests into your home at the right time.

Smart door locks provide you with convenience. They can help you make sure your doors are locked or unlocked with access from your phone or tablet. They can also help you go key-free. Compatible door locks include keypads or touch screens where you can enter your own unique access code. So no need to carry those keys or try to remember where you placed them, enter your code and welcome home! You could also set your lights to come on immediately when your door opens. Smart door locks can also help you lock your doors from the bed and sleep securely with a touch of one ‘Goodnight’ button.

Also, smart door locks can help you let the right people into your home. For example, you have some family coming from out of town; you can give them their own personal code that works when you are expecting them. You can even get a text alert when they arrive. Another instance is you may have someone coming to work on or clean your home, you could do the same thing and give them their own code and even set an allotted amount of time for their code to work. You don’t have to worry anymore if they try to come back at a later date and time to try to break into your home. Their code will not work.

Another great thing about smart door locks is you can keep tabs on who is coming and going in your home. You can view door lock history and look at each specific code. For example, if you have children, especially teenagers, you could get an alert to know when they come home from school or if they came home on time from curfew.

We can help you pick the best lock for your needs and can provide insight on additional features and benefits. You’ll love the safety, convenience and peace of mind a smart lock can deliver. Let us know how we can help you.

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Mother's Day

This upcoming Sunday, May 10th is Mother’s Day, and we all want to treat our mothers to the best. So why not give her a little more than just a card and beautiful flowers. Give her something that she will cherish and use daily!

Below are some of the best gadgets on the market:

1. The Perfect Bake

We all can agree that we love our mother’s cooking, but what if we can get her something that will help her in the kitchen? Well if she is a baking enthusiast, The Perfect Bake system is a great addition to creating her favorite recipes and more!

2. Click and Grow

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Now Hiring in Knoxville!

iSS seeks excellent candidates interested in becoming part of our growing team. We are currently looking for installation technicians.

Are you a creative and organized professional looking to join a great team? Do you know the ins and outs of security, CCTV, home theater, and home automation? If so, then we want you.

We are eager to hire individuals who are both quick and proficient workers. Strong work ethic is imperative, so you have to love what you do. This is a full-time position.

We prefer you to email resumes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., but you can also fax them to 865.690.8007.

If you are interested in a career as an installer, please submit your resume. We'd love to talk to you.

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Introducing Trufig


The day that outlets become something to get excited about is the day that pigs fly. Well, look how graceful swine glide. Trufig power outlets are game changers. They are perfectly flush to the wall, can be painted, wallpapered, faux finished, even laminated. They keep the ugly out of your well designed room.

Trufig even gives air vents a pulse. Check out posh options here.

These products are best for new construction and renovations since they are fastened inside the wall.  They are a must for modern rooms. Some might even call Trufig a true friend to discerning tastes.

Ask us about them for your design project.

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Ionization vs. Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

It's scary news that could say your life. NBC's Jeff Rossen reports that the most common type of smoke detector, the one that uses ionization technology, may not alarm your family of impending doom quickly enough. Some detectors using ionization technology are built for quick burning fires, but the technology is less effective in smoldering blazes. This can leave you and your loved ones susceptible to deadly smoke inhalation. Learn more with this very important report.


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iSS is a VisionArt dealer!

We are proud to announce that we are now a dealer for VisionArt Galleries! You may be asking yourself, what is VisionArt? Well we can tell you that…

VisionArt Galleries provides a solution that helps conceal a flat screen television. Their products are custom made and manufactured by expert craftsmen in the USA. VisionArt offers a wide range of styles and price levels, allowing customers to customize and build their very own television concealment system.

At iSS we take it a step further by providing exceptional insight on how and what will look best in your home. We help you from beginning to end, making sure everything looks and works exactly the way you want it. Check out the video below on our most recent install of a VisionArt concealment system.

If you have been thinking about wanting to display something more than the TV, call us at 865-690-0154. We would be happy to help offer you better life solutions.

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Knoxville Networking


What is more frustrating than unreliable networking devices? Very little. That's why we want to talk to you about the solution. iSS can take your out-of-box networking system and make it impressive or give you a professional system overhaul.

If you own an out of box networking system, we can transform it into a whole house system. By incorporating Pakedge Access Points, we can cover up to 5,000 square feet with wireless internet. This upgrade translates into improved coverage and speed giving you the freedom to use your devices where you want, when you want.

For those of you who want your networking system to go the distance, iSS offers a professional overhaul. First, we swap your standard router for a Pakedge router. What difference does this make? If you think of your standard router as a train station, it would be your average local stop. It can't handle as much. The Pakedge router is Penn Station. It can maintain all the traffic of iPhones, IP cameras, TVs streaming Netflix, etc  with efficiency. No more lost signals. It's a wholy advanced level of management. You stream Netflix material faster, increase reliability for your CCTV system, and IP devices, such as iPad or iPhone. It's a must for work from home professionals. No more losing time and money to crummy network communication.

Call us today to learn more! 865-690-0154

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Knoxville Shade Control

Hey Knoxville, let's talk about shades. Surely yours are getting a lot of use this summer. Shade control is a very necessary and very dull aspect of owning a home, or at least until now. Lutron's plethora of shade control options speak to everyone with their beautiful designs and smart operation. Not only will you be pleased with how they function, but you might even enjoy selecting the perfect pick for your home. Here's why:

Multiple Style Options

Choose from Venetian blinds, Roman shades, roller shades, drapery, vertical drapery, cellular, and skylight shades in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials.

Safety Features

Cord-free design provides a clean look that is safe for children.

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Getting through these last six weeks of Winter

This past Monday, February 2 was Groundhog Day. Our furry little friend saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter for us. Now as we all know living in East Tennessee our weather changes almost every minute. Sunshine to snow/rain and back to sunshine; East Tennesee weather can be very unpredictable. Well at iSS we thought we would take a moment to gather some great tips to get us all through these last six weeks of Winter. Our first tip(s) to get us through are some that we have discussed before, but are great reminders to any homeowner.

With tempatures changing, you never know when we could get a record low. It is as important as ever to prevent your home from frozen pipes. When water freezes in pipes, it expands causing the pipe to burst. Then you have a major situation on your hands as the water thaws and flows freely into your home. So we have come up with 5 quick tips to help prevent frozen pipes.

  1. Check where your pipes are. You want to make sure they are not exposed to cold air and if they are, they need to be insulated. Pipe sleeves provide much needed insulation for pipes in drafty areas.
  2. Leave a steady stream of water dripping in a kitchen or bathroom sink. It does not have to be a ton of water, but just enough to keep things moving. The cost of leaving a sink dripping is far less than the mess of a flooded house.
  3. Leave cabinet doors open to allow warm inside air to circulate around pipes. Keep garage doors closed to ensure pipes are not exposed to freezing temperatures.
  4. Do not drastically adjust your thermostat throughout the day and night. By maintaining a steady temperature, you reduce your chances of a frozen pipe.
  5. Know where your water cut off valves are located. If you do not have one inside your home, then make sure you know where the water main is outside. If you have a leak, your No. 1 priority is shutting off the water.

Check back in for the next tips that will get us through these last weeks of Winter!

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Home Automation Made Easy

Ah, that time between Spring and Summer has finally arrived in Knoxville. Pollen covers every exterior surface imaginable in yellow blankets of dust. The quickly-warming temperatures remind you that the humidity of a Tennessee summer isn’t far off. Right now it is baseball season, but soon enough, the UT fight song will be echoing from every living room in Rocky Top while we watch our football team make it all the way to the national championship this year (a girl can dream). You begin to think about the home theater you always wanted, and how great these games would look on a big screen. You think of the home theater that would allow you to be immersed in the experience of the stadium, without having to buy tickets to the game or spend eight dollars on a beer--that theater with state-of-the-art audio technology, the one you always put off on installing because other things came up along the way. Hey, we know that life happens, and things get put off. Here at iSS LLC.  we are here to make your life a little easier—and a lot more fun. Now featuring Control4 home automation software, we can create the home theater of your dreams--and tailor home automation installations to your personal wants and needs. Still not convinced? Check out a few of the things we can do for your home or your commercial business space by clicking the link below.


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Home Entertainment Rooms: Your Play Station


Do you enjoy PS3 and/or Xbox games? Want to know how to make an ordinary space into a gamer's getaway? All it takes are a few flat screens and iSS's eye for design to transform your room into a play station.

First, we recommend utilizing more than one TV. This way more than one person can play either the same system or two different systems at a time. In the frame of "Go big or go home," we also suggest having a TV or two for sporting events and your favorite show. Sit back and think on that for a moment. Ah, paradise is coming into fruition.

Second, iSS suggests installing a sweet lighting system. Atmospheric lighting not only looks awesome, it is useful too. From your smart phone or remote, dim lights, change lighting color scenes, or select pre-set options for cinema or parties. The optimal lighting will intensify your gaming and viewing experiences.

Next, we implore you to consider a top-notch sound system if you want your gaming experience to come to life. Surround sound will envelope you in the action and hone your focus. When you aren't gaming, the system will come in handy with movies and parties.

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Commercial Automation

 The restaurant business can be very competitive and challenging. Not only are restaurants relying on their good food or happy hour specials, but they rely heavily on a great atmosphere for their guests as well as maintaining a sufficient staff.

As a restaurant owner, you want to wow your guests by having the most up-to-date T.V.’s and audio systems along with nice ambient lighting. Just imagine creating a fantastic atmosphere with one button. You could “Open” the restaurant by having this one button turn on all the T.V.’s to the selected channels you want, the temperature control would adjust for guests arriving, and the lighting and shades could adjust to the time of day you are opening up.

You could easily open your restaurant by one button and yet control everything on one simple and easy to use interface. This interface will help you manage your restaurant and be a little less stressful in those rush hour times. You can even be energy-saving mindful by having your restaurant automated.

What can easily be opened can also be easily “Closed”. As an owner, you can close the restaurant down by one button as well. Powering off all video, audio, and lights can be a breeze for you or your employees allowing them to focus more on the cleanliness and organization of the establishment.

Also as a restaurant owner, guests are always number one, but secondly you want your staff enjoying themselves and being satisfactory in their positon as well. Technology and automation can help them run their shift more smoothly. Not only just pressing one button to open or close, but quite a few restaurants are now incorporating touch pads for automating the floor plans and server’s shifts for guest sitting.

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Commercial Security

Last month we talked about Commercial Automation and how it can help enhance the atmosphere and organization of any restaurant or sports bar. Well this month we would like to touch on Commercial Security and how it can help improve the security of ANY business establishment.

The basics of commercial security should first and foremost be an adequate alarm system. As a business owner we are here to fit your needs. You could have the simplest security system with just a few alarms and motion detectors or the most enhanced system with cameras and a key code entry system. Whatever you need, we are here to provide you with security and peace of mind for your business.

For example, we suggest that the best security system for any commercial property would be a sufficient alarm system along with key codes for employees and visitors. You could manage employee and visitor access of the establishment; such as where only management should have access. Also, with cameras in and around the business, you can remotely log into the video feeds from anywhere on your smart phone or tablet to check on the property.

Lastly, exterior lighting is another step in providing security to any business property. For instance, exterior lighting goes a long way to provide security for your business, but also the safety of you and your employees. By using motion sensors and light timers, they can offer more visibility in multiple directions and stop a potential burglar when lights suddenly flip on if they are snooping around. Also, a great tip is to put lights and sensors out of reach so that they will not be tampered with by a potential burglar or even an animal.

We always suggest what fits your needs, but more importantly we provide you with better life solutions. Let us know if we can help you in providing security to your business establishment, we are just a call away.

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Commercial Services, Part 1

At iSS, we provide an extensive amount of services to homeowners. From security to automation and everything in between, those services can also be provided to any business owner and their establishment. As a business owner, one of the most important things should be the security of your property, and most importantly yourself and your employees.

The basics of commercial security should first and foremost be an adequate alarm system. For example, we suggest that the best security system for any commercial property would be a sufficient alarm system with alarms, motion sensors, and security cameras. With cameras in and around the establishment, as a business owner, you can remotely log into the video feeds from anywhere on your smart phone or tablet to check on the property.

Furthermore, a business establishment should have key codes/cards for employees and visitors, this way you could manage employee and visitor access. Such as where only management should have access to certain areas, or to check on who came in and out on a specific day.

Lastly, exterior lighting is another step in providing security to any business property. For instance, exterior lighting goes a long way to provide security for your business, but also the safety of you and your employees. By using motion sensors and light timers, they can offer more visibility in multiple directions and stop a potential burglar when lights suddenly flip on if they are snooping around.

If you are business owner, and feel that your business is not adequately equipped with the best security system, give us a call and we would be happy to help. Also, be looking for our blog next week about some of the other commercial services we provide!

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Commercial Services, Part 2

In last week’s blog we talked about how commercial security could give a business owner peace of mind knowing their property and employees are safe and secure. This week we want to discuss how some automation can help with the daily office tasks in a business.

Commercial automation for a business can be a simple or complex system; it all depends on the business owner and what they want. For example, as a business owner, you could disarm your security system, unlock the door, and turn on the lights all by one touch of a button on your smartphone. Furthermore, you could even adjust the HVAC unit to the optimal temperature while you are in or out of the office. Not only can automation can help a business owner manage their office remotely from any smartphone or iPad, it can also help manage energy efficiency of the office, too.

For instance, shade and lighting control can tie into your automation system very easily, and help with energy savings. If you have an office with many floor to ceiling windows, shade control can help maintain the heat/cooling of the office without constantly turning the HVAC unit temperature up or down. Also, lighting control motion sensors can help with energy savings as well, but lighting control can go beyond just turning on or off a light.

While still being energy saving conscious, lighting control can help create ‘scenes’ for certain areas of your business office. For example, you showcase your company’s work on the wall; why not create an illuminating scene for when guests and potential clients come in. Make your work noticeable and eye catching.

Also, many office waiting areas are either too dim or too bright, creating a dungeon like area or a stark clean hospital welcome. Well, if you have a waiting area; why not create an inviting and warm welcoming scene with lighting control!

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Commercial Services, Part 3

We have discussed commercial security, automation, and lighting control. This last blog is all about our commercial services with boardroom technology, digital signage, and networking.

A company's boardroom is a crucial component in any office. It gives clients a first impression of your establishment and serves as a common area for ideas and innovation to flow. If a company has an outdated boardroom, their capabilities become seriously limited. It is important to make sure your space is updated to accommodate today's technological demands and capabilities. We can help you provide to your employees and clients a great meeting space. From video conferencing, to a possible training area, all with easy use of your whole boardroom space with one remote. Every office deserves a great boardroom. 

Also, a lot of businesses these days are beginning to discover the many uses of digital display technology. Digital signage/video walls are a great way to get a particular message across - whether for advertising, selling or information display – chances are you want a solution that does a lot of the foot work for you. These high impact displays can certainly pack a visual punch, but equally, they serve as an effective business tool, and can strengthen a range of operations within your business.

Digital signage/video walls can be changed in a flash so you will always be able to bring announcements to your audience ASAP. Before, you would have to design poster displays, have them made, spend a decent amount of money, and have it displayed in enough time that it is still relevant. Digital display technology allows you to change your message instantly, and pass along news, events or sales at a moments notice.

Lastly, what is more frustrating than unreliable networking devices? Not much more. That is why we want to talk to you about the solution. iSS can take your business networking system and give you a professional system overhaul. No more wondering which cords goes for this and that device, and why things are often running slowly. If have your office has a questionable networking system, we can transform it into a seamless system. This upgrade can translate into improved coverage and speed giving you the freedom to use your devices where you want and when you want.

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Earth Day!

Guess what day it is? Mike...Mike, guess what day it is??? Not only is it hump day, but today is also Earth Day! Instead of just planting a tree or going with the motto of reduce, reuse, and recycle; adopting a green lifestyle at home is an important part of the global drive to protect the environment. Learning how to be green at home is one of the easiest ways to make a meaningful contribution to the Earth!

Check out our green living tips below:

1. Heating:

HVAC systems account for almost half the energy usage in the home. To reduce your energy uses consider setting your thermostat a couple of degrees lower in winter and a little higher in summer. Delaying the point at which your heater or air conditioner kicks in cuts down on your energy use. Or having a programmable thermostat can be highly effective in conserving electricity because they can be used to run air conditioning and heating systems only when they are truly needed.

Also, proper maintenance will keep your HVAC system running at peak efficiency as well. Furthermore, weather stripping windows and doors will provide insulation and reduce the need for heating or air conditioning.

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Expo Recap: CEDIA 2012


We just spent 3 days in Indianapolis at the 2012 CEDIA Expo. At this, one of the largest electronics expos in the country, we feasted our eyes on the most exciting technologies to date that 400,000 square feet could contain.

Now, we report back with ISS'S FAVORITE 0.001 PART OF THE EXPO (or our top 4 picks)!

Really, you should be excited too.

1. Sony's 4k television. Ever look out a window and wish your TV's picture was that clear? How about clearer? Well, just so you know an image that pristine would be the result of 3,840x2,160 pixels, and it exists! As cheesy as it sounds, when we saw the 4k TV, our jaws dropped like we had unexpectedly run into the Grand Canyon. This technology is a sight to behold. The 4k will set you back 25k, but it is almost hard to believe they can put a price on something so majestic.

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Awesome Appliances & Gadgets

I don't know about you, but it seems like the older I get, the more excited I get about appliances and gadgets that can make my life easier. I got a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas last year and you would have thought I just hit the lotto. Now I've got my eye on some new smart appliances and gadgets that will be perfect for anyone left on your Christmas list.

iRobot Roomba

I was pretty apprehensive about these guys, but turns out they've made some major improvements over the years. Anything that does my least favorite cleaning task for me is a winner in my book. You just set it to CLEAN and the Roomba will take care of all your laminates, hardwoods, carpets, and tile. Once Roomba is done, it will go back to its charging dock to get ready for its next cleaning.

Breville Barista Express Expresso Machine

In the world of coffee, fresh is best. The build-in grinder allows users to get the freshest and best tasting brew without leaving the house. Whether you're a beginner barista or a pro, this machine is perfect for any coffee lover.

Cuisinart CSO-300 Combo Steam/Convection Oven

This steam oven makes a great edition to any kitchen. Tired of the same old dried out meals? This oven will keep meat moist and is perfect for cooking veggies. It even proofs bakery quality breads, rolls, and donuts. Sign me up!

LQ SmartThinQ Refrigerator

This is not your average refrigerator. The LQ Smart ThinQ features an 8"" WiFi enabled LCD screen and smartphone app so you can keep track of expiration dates and recipes. The LQ French door refrigerator style gives owners even more usable space and it's energy star qualified so you don't have to worry about it being an energy hog.

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