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Back to School: Techy Gadgets for all Ages!

 It’s that time! School is in session once again, and we have picked our favorite gadgets for students this year. From grade school to college, we have got students covered with the latest products to help them with their studies.


The Nitro Notebook is an awesome way for your child to get busy learning. The notebook has 80 jam packed activities that teach English, Spanish, Math, Reading, Language Skills, Social Studies, Music and much more.

They will even get a whole set of cool utilities. With additional cartridges, cool graphics, and a hightech keyboard and mouse, they will be ready to take the learning world by storm.

Middle School:

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CEDIA 2014 Recap (pt. 1)

CEDIA is one of the largest electronics expos in the country, and was hosted this year in Denver, Colorado. Over 500,000 square feet of the most exciting technologies to date, which is why we had to break our CEDIA 2014 recap into two parts!

Below are our first top five picks of what we liked from CEDIA.

1. Epson PowerLite ProCinema LS10000 projector:

This projector delivers a revolutionary 4k Enhancement Technology with incredible sharpness, clarity, and detail. At the heart of the THX certified projector is a laser light engine and a 3LCD Reflective chip array to ensure accurate performance. The projector also offers full HD 1080p in 2D and 3D giving you a stunning viewing experience. This home theater projector is made for the ultimate movie theater experience.

2. Sony W and X Series 4K Ultra HD TV’s :

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CEDIA 2014 Recap (pt. 2)

In our CEDIA Recap, part 1 we took a look at Sony, Epson, Dolby, Screen Innovations, and Sonance latest and greatest new products. Now in part 2 we have more coverage of what we liked from CEDIA 2014, and our next top three are below:

1. QNap Turbo NAS:

QNAP’s Turbo NAS is designed for storing and protecting your most cherished memories. QNAP is the ideal centralized storage ‘hub’ for making your files available on various devices at home or on the go. It is a great home multimedia entertainment device. You can browse photos, play music and videos on DLNA compatible devices and easily share them with family and friends. The Turbo NAS also helps to secure your files and gives you control to who you want to have access to those cherished memories. Also, with myQNAPcloud, you can connect much easier to the Turbo NAS without limitation of location. The Turbo NAS easily enriches your home entertainment and content sharing. Also, what is great with QNAP is that they have integrated with Control4 to provide you with the ultimate connected home experience. Check out this video from CEDIA that demonstrates what QNAP and Control4 can do for you:

2. Control4 OS 2.6 Software update:

Control4’s OS 2.6 software update features elegant user interface enhancements, provides instant integration, and delivers compelling Control4 experiences throughout smart homes. This update brings enhanced music experience, intuitive pool and spa control, and extensive new features for added comfort and peace of mind in your home. OS 2.6 software makes it much easier for Control4 dealers to integrate hundreds of third-party products. As an end user this may not be the coolest thing on our list, but it is awesome for us which in turn makes it great for you! We can now provide you with seamless effort and efficiency for all of your Control4 systems.

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A Proud Moment for iSS

Today at iSS, we have a big moment to annouce.....this is our 100th blog entry! We love writing about all the things that inspire us, and hope you enjoy reading our entries. Now is our chance to enjoy what YOU have to write.

Below is our FaceBook page link. We would love for you to write and tell us what your favorite blog was, what would you like to see us write next, or simply write us a review of your last experience with iSS. We look forward to reading all of your entries!

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Are our Schools and Daycares properly secured?

A question that is always in the back of our minds is, are our children safe when they are not with us? Since one of the most tragic events involving an elementary school happened in December 2012, many school districts and even daycares are making a proactive statement against these acts of violence by trying their best efforts to prevent them. 

Between added security features, “crisis plans”, and local law enforcement cooperation they are being able to provide peace of mind and security to faculty, parents, and most importantly students. Quite a few school districts have upgraded their security systems to include more cameras, key card entry system for the teachers and employees, and even having a full-time police officer on the premises. 

One school district in Ohio has gone further to ensure the safety of their children by teachers being able to send alerts from their phones if a lock down ever occurred. Teachers can silently communicate to the outside world without sound or vibrations, so they do not pique the interest of the intruder if they are near the classroom.

Also, a school district in Texas has included a “secure vestibule”, a bulletproof glass room. They can literally hold a visitor inside this room until they are fully cleared within the school’s system as being a non-threat or if they were a threat; their local law enforcement comes to the aid.

Lastly, daycares have taken extra pre-caution as well. Some have updated their security systems with adequate cameras and alarms as well as adding panic buttons to each room. Some daycares even provide video streaming for parents so they can check in on their child’s classroom.

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